Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Season

Saturday starts my 5th season of triathlon. It is also the first race I am doing in which I am completely unprepared for. There is no time to train. Coaching my kids teams is a 5 or 6 day a week commitment. Not a reason to stress because it is a sprint and I have zero time goals. For the first time I am going to race simply for fun. I want to enjoy everything about the day. The distances are the shortest I have ever done. 650M-11miles-5K. The water should be cold but the day is forecast to be 78 and sunny.

My left leg is still feeling the effects of my March injury and Boston Marathon aggravation of it. It is getting better each week but it is still a problem. The same with my back. The leg will be better eventually, but now I am beginning to think my back problem is permanent. I need to start searching for a specialist. Life is becoming more challenging as my kids age and my body starts to rebel. But that is life and it is good.

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