Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's been a long time between posts. Life has thrown some obstacles in the way of training but hopefully all will go smoothly from here.
Things were going great through the end of March. I turned 40 and felt great. Shortly after I reaggravated a back injury that I thought was gone forever. I was able to train moderately, but nothing like I was supposed to do. For almost 3 weeks I had zero power on the bike or run and was unable to swim more than a few laps. The only positive is that I kept the ab challenge going. 150 straight days is coming this week and I plan on continuing the entire year.
I was back on schedule by the end of April and feeling stiff but strong. May started with my wife finishing a degree. This means class every M,T,W,Th from 4-8. Finding time to train has become difficult. The bike and run are right on schedule but it is almost impossible to find time to swim.
On the bright side, having to scramble to get on the trainer or get out for a run ramped up my motivation to get out and train. I have a sprint tri in 2 weeks and am lucky enough to be heading up to the mountains for a few days this week. High altitude (not really) bike and run training with moster hills. I can't wait.


  1. glad you're back on track, Garen

  2. Hi, I popped over from Tri fuel, thanks for the advice, great to have found you people