Saturday, August 22, 2009

Questions with 5 Weeks to go Until IM

Can I take the last 31 weeks of training and fine tune it in the next 5?
Can I stay calm and keep the intensity where it should be, knowing that I am getting so close?
Can I continue to eat right and stay focused as a new school year starts with a million things on my plate, including coaching 2 soccer teams and helping the high school CC team when I can?
Can I fight through the wind and waves of the Chessapeake Bay on race day, and come out of the water in 1:30?
Can I keep my mouth shut and not swallow a gallon of salt water?
Can I stay within myself on the bike and not red line it?
Can I stay in the present when on the bike?
Can I befriend the wind or at least not let it mess with my head?
Can I go under 6:15 on the bike?
Can I run off the bike?
Can I hold a sub 9:00 MPM pace for 26.2?
Can I handle gels and gatorade this time?
Can I hide any pain or discomfort each time I approach the turnaround and my mom?
Can I turn my mom's tears of worry into my motivation?
Can I encourage each person I see and bounce positive energy off of as many people as possible?
Can I allow the experience to be more powerful then the clock?
Can I dig deeper than I ever have before?
Can I keep my promise to myself and run each of the last 9 miles for a person I love?

If I can do these things, I will be an 11 hour IM finisher.

Can I stay in control of my body after I finish, so I don't upset my daughter again?
Can I use the experience to be a better father, husband, son, brother, friend, teacher, and man?

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