Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am in a good place. Mentally I could not have asked for a bigger boost of confidence than I received on Saturday. My best performance in a tri. Ever.

I am anxious. But I am not worried. Things will go my way. Things will go bad. I will overcome and keeping moving forward. That is Ironman.

My body has made it through 35 weeks of training. 1.5 of a taper to go. I have never felt this good, even though my body is telling my I took it close to the edge. That is the only way to reach my potential. Walk the edge, but don't fall off.

There are many things I am looking forward to. The National Anthem. Standing on the beach with that prideful feeling that I always get before starting a marathon, HIM, or IM. It gives me goosebumps to look around and think that I get to be a part of this. That moment in the water when everything starts to click and my mind begins to relax. The water can be a great place.
Seeing my family ans smiling at them when I get out. The feeling of flying on the bike. Mile 65 and the aid station at the bike and run finish. Stretch my legs, talk to my dad, tell the volunteer how lucky I am to have her since she is the best damn volunteer in the race, more chamois butt'r, back on the bike for the home stretch. Having my kids scream their heads off when I start the run. Listening to the people tell you how good you look, even though you don't. The silence of Egypt Rd. and the internal thoughts that must be combatted to keep moving forward. The realization that I am doing an IRONMAN! Making a friend and sharing things that only people running side by side in an IM can understand. The 2nd out and back, Gut check time. The last lap. Wow! Must make it to the turnaround because then it becomes a party. The last mile. The lights of the track shining in the distance. My feet are not even touching the ground. Runners heading out on their last lap high fiving me. People telling you that you are about to be an IRONMAN. Seeing my dad in the corner of the track by himself. Sharing a private moment just with him. Then taking the last half lap like a champion with my kids shouting. Crossing the finish line to the best hugs ever. The glow that lasts for months begins. A shower. Donuts in bed with my kids and wife.

And people think I am crazy for doing this again. If only they knew.


  1. The culmination of weeks of preparation. Best of luck. Looking forward to the RR.

  2. If they tell you you are looking good, you better believe it :-) . Looking forward to the race report.