Monday, September 21, 2009


I dislike the taper. I should be excited to ease back. Instead I become a ball of energy. I feel very excited. I feel confident. I really feel alive. Whatever I do, the IM is there. Floating in my head. Ready to jump to the surface if I don't keep it at bay. That is one of the reasons I love to do this. There are times when I get tired of getting up at 5:00. When I get tired of saying no to certain foods. But that is not really living. Having my senses and nerves on edge is living. Knowing that my body is in as good a shape as I can possibly get it is an amazing feeling. Knowing I could start moving my body forward right now and not have to stop until sometime tonight is very cool. Today and tomorrow are my last 2 days of double workouts. They are also short workouts. My bike is fitted with race tires and inspected. My swim is strong. My core is stronger than ever. My mind is strong. I am ready!

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