Tuesday, January 6, 2009

50 Days of Core

In December I was thinking of how I could make a difference in the upcoming season. I was happy with the results form last year and the programs I have done were doable but challenging. So I thought about the little things I neglect on a daily basis. Core exercises were #1 on the list. Getting to the weight room regularly was the second. They were related in that I was doing abs at the gym.

Last year I took part in the 31 days of running with trifuel members and it was motivating to be held accountable. I was looking forward each day to posting my minutes and earned points. Doing the same with abs seemed a great way to insure I would do them. My initial goal was to get in around 200 to 300 reps a day. Then derek5 from trifuel took the challenge to the next level and I wanted to see if I could keep up. It is amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. I have done 11,700 reps in 12 days. Today I did 3000 reps and I feel great. I really want to keep this going until my birthday on March 25. That would be 87 days of core work. After that working them 5 times a week throughout the season should be easy.


  1. 3000 reps is crazy :-) But I really like the idea, I may have to join you.

  2. Great idea. Glad you thought of it.