Monday, January 19, 2009

Quest for 11 Hour IM Has Begun

Just finished Day 1 of Week 2 of my 36 week Ironman program. I feel great. In fact the distances aren't challenging enough at this point. I am experienced enough to know not to push it though. It will get tough enough soon and 34 more weeks is a huge chunk of time to keep up the motivation. Motivation was my biggest concern when making the commitment to do another IM. How do I get the fire burning like it was in 2007? I think the answer is to light a different type of fire. Before becoming an Ironman was huge motivation. This time reaching my potential is what is getting me going. The fear of not doing the best IM and marathon I am capable of is driving me as I reach middle age. Trying to harness that into positive energy is something I am focusing on. It is okto fail on race day. It is not ok to not prepare to my fullest. I want every aspect of my training to be as perfect as possible this time. I want to finish knowing that I couldn't possibly have gone one second faster or more efficiently. It is all about the training. I know I can go 140.6, I already have. Now it is about the sun being up when I do finish.

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