Sunday, February 8, 2009

4 Weeks Down

Today ends week 4 of my IM training. The biggest difference between this year and 2007 is that I am not training for the Boston Marathon as I start the program. I qualified but am defering until 2010. I only get 2 personal days as a teacher and this year I am going to St. Louis with my dad to watch the NCAA wrestling tourny.
Taking out the long weekend runs and middle of the week 14 milers has made the program seem almost too easy. That was until yesterday. I bonked on the trainer for the 1st time. It was a 1hour and 45 minute ride with variable gearing drills for 15 minutes followed by 2 8 mile time trials. I was feeling good on the 1st TT. I had the 2004 Giro on and clocked a 23 minute 9 second 8 mile ride. After a 2 mile spin I started the 2nd with every intention of beating the 1st time. At the half way point I was almost a minute ahead of schedule and wa holding 23 MPH at 94 RPM's. With 2 miles to go it started to feel like my legs were concrete. I started changing gears like crazy and my MPH came down to 20. It felt good in a masochistic way to be on the edge again. I haven't pushed myself to the limit since the Philly Marathon in Nov. Anyway, I fought through and finished with a 23:33.
After a wonderful day spent with just my wife I took my dog for a 4 mile run and felt zero affects from the bike. My recovery is right on, my nutrition is pretty good, my core is in the best shape of my life, my focus is better than ever, and msyne most importantly I feel patient with the program. No silly workouts that wreck me for the next day, just to prove I am at a certain level of finess. With age comes times.

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  1. Garen your going to have to change your post to say "quest for a 10 hour ironman has begun" if you continue to train as well as you are right now!