Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tattoo and Next Tattoo

After finishing the IM in 2007 I knew I wanted to get a tattoo. I have wanted one since the early 90's but never could think of something I liked. I read the article about the T-Dot in Triathlete magazine and thought it was a cool idea. I struggled between this design, something incorporating the Chessyman logo, and the traditional M-Dot. After adding the SBR and the 140.6 I thought it was original enough to put on my arm forever. It is also cool in that nobody knows what it is except other triathletes. When people do ask about it they inevitably say, "The Ironman is how long???" It turned out better than I expected in both the experience and how it looks. The artist could not have been any cooler. We shared a ton of stories over the 2.5 hours. This flash from the camera kind of messes with the dark black ink.
If I finish my next IM in the daylight, which is my goal, I am going to get another one on my right arm. I am leaning toward a small M-Dot in the middle of a sun. Colors need to be decided upon as well as the style of the sun.

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